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Walmart New Years Sale After Christmas


After Christmas sales at Walmart rage on and will peak during the annual online Walmart New Years Sale. It is an interesting sale because it combines the types of deals you can find during 2014 After Christmas sales as well as deals on new 2014 products. What this means to consumers is that you will find super deep discounts on 2013 products (up to 80% off in some cases) and first looks with smaller discounts for 2014 new products. Electronics will be heavily featured for After Christmas sales and items like HDTVs, laptops, and even some tablets will be heavily discounted during the Walmart 2013 New Years Sale which is heavily focused online at


The deals will be at Walmart on New Years Eve in 2013 and then again online and in stores on New Years Day in 2014 at Walmart. There are no coupons available online for Walmart. The advertised deals are so heavily discounted that Walmart does not offer online coupons. Also, when you shop online, you can get Free Shipping when you spend at least $35. All deals are valid as long as products are in stock. Walmart will not be offering rain checks on sold out items. This means you will need to head early to stores or online at to ensure you get the best deals at the Walmart New Years 2013 – 2014 sale.

The Best After Christmas Sales in 2014


Christmas Day has arrived and there are tons of deals to shop. Below are some of the top Christmas Day sales from top retailers. These deals are exclusively online on Christmas Day. Electronics, clothing, jewelry, home decor will all be heavily discounted. Look for deals of up to 80% off in some cases. Free Shipping is available at many stores.

Walmart Day After Christmas
Amazon Xmas sales
Target Deals
Sears After Xmas
Best Buy Savings
Macys Online Shopping
Home Depot Online Coupons
Kohls After Christmas deals
Dell Online Sale

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas.

Best Walmart After Christmas Sales in 2014 Starts Today


The Walmart After Christmas sale in 2014 gets started today on Christmas Eve. The sale will run online through the day after Christmas and will feature of hundreds of great deals across the store. Some of the best deals that I see online are:

– 32″ LED HDTVs starting at $189
– Apple iPod Touch for $289
– HP Tablet for $99
– Nextbook Tablet for $68
– Nexus 7″ Tablet for $189
– Call of Duty and other Video games for $39
– Get these online at

This is just a small sample of the after Christmas deals available at Walmart. Discounts will be the largest of electronics, especially HDTVs. 2014 models are arriving in stores within the next month and Walmart is trying to get rid of as much inventory as possible. Tablets are also hot right now and prices will be really low because there is so much competition. You can go after high priced tablets like Samungs and iPads, or there are far cheaper options like the Nextbook tablet and HP tablet which are both under $100.


You can also get really good deals on clothing, jewelry holiday decor, and home goods at the end of the year sale at Walmart. Discounts of 50% and above plus free shipping offers when you shop online after Christmas in 2014. All sales are good as long as products are in stock. For popular items you will want to go online early to get the best deals at Walmart.

The Best After Christmas 2014 Sales


December is the craziest month of the year when it comes to sales with thousands of stores lobbing their best deals at customers. But what most people don’t know is that retailers withhold their best sales of the year until after Christmas. December 24th through December 26th is when you will see a total bonanza of deals as retailers go crazy discounting the items they couldn’t sell before Christmas in 2013. The types of stores to carry the best discounts tend to be big box retailers like Walmart, Amazon, bestBuy, and Target

What do After Christmas 2013 sales mean to you? Huge deals and discounts on terrific products. We did a lot of research from last year’s After Christmas sales to see which types of products will make it worth your while to shop post Christmas. Also, we tried to uncover what we thought some of the actual discounts would look like this year following Christmas.

After Christmas Sales Start Earlier than Ever

As the trend has been with Black Friday, After Christmas sales will start earlier than ever before. It initially started with sales launching the day after Christmas. Last year, we saw sales start on Christmas Day. This year we believe most sales will start on December 25th with a few stores launching online sales on December 24th. This year, Christmas Eve lands on Tuesday, so you can expect some early sales to start online on the 24th. I wouldnt be surprised if we even saw some sales starting on December 23rd.

Thursday is December 26th and a lot of people will be headed back to work, so retailers will need to make sure they have attractive online after Christmas sales in order to get people to sop while they are at work. Look for huge discounts on electronics to lead the way for online sales.

Best Products to Buy Right After Christmas

Look for great deals on apparel from stores like Macys and Kohls with discounts ranging from 30% to 50% off on top of sales that already slashed up to 75% off. That is a very attractive pricing and very competitive with what we saw for Black Friday this year. For lower priced options, check out Walmart and Target.

Holiday decorations are always severely discounted after Christmas, look for deals up to 80% off. Certainly worth checking out these deals and restocking your holiday supplies a year in advance.

Electronics Gadget fans should pay attention. If you didn’t find what you wanted over the holidays, you will have a lot of options following Christmasa. Specific categories, like HDTVs, tablets, laptops, cameras and a number of consumer electronics will see more aggressive discounts towards the end of the year than they do in the weeks leading up to the holidays. We will soon see 2014 models and retailers would prefer to clear out as much of the current year’s stock as possible. You can save up to 80% on select electronics at Walmart and Amazon.

We hope this list helps you navigate After Christmas sales in 2013. Check back often for more updates from your favorite stores and please share this article with friends and family.

Walmart After Christmas Sale 2014 Sale Update


Walmart After Christmas 2014 deals are starting to be publicized and there are some exciting deals that will be available to the public starting on Christmas Day and extending through the day after Christmas online at Electronics will be the start of the show, as iPads, iPhones, HDTVs, tablets, and gadgets take center stage. You can see some of the top after Christmas sales items below, and the prices are as competitive as we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Overall, I am very impressed.

The savings at don’t stop in the electronics department. There will be deals across all departments. I laid out some of the top deals in the toys category as well. But pretty much anywhere you browse to on will have discounts available. In addition to the Walmart After Christmas 2014 sale, I recommend checking out a few other sales events as well. Look at the, BestBuy, and Macys sales as well. Lots of good stuff at great prices as stores try to clear away inventory.

Walmart Electronics After Xmas Deals

– Apple iPad® mini Wi-Fi 16GB (two colors) – $299 with a $50 Walmart gift card online

– iPhone 5c ($27) and 5s ($127) – requires a two-year contract from AT&T or Verizon

– Select video games such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto 5 and NBA2K14 (for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) – $39.96 ($20 savings)

– Monster headphones – $79.95 ($50 savings)

– Vizio 70-inch LED Smart HDTV – $1,498 ($200 savings)

Walmart Toy Deals After Christmas

– Holiday Barbie – $29 ($10.97 savings)

– Furby Boom! – $39 ($20 savings)

– Innotab 3 – $39.97 ($20 savings)

– Sofia the First Desk – $54 ($15.97 savings)

Online Deals at

Day After Christmas Sales in 2014 Start Wednesday


A whole slew of deals kick off on Wednesday with Day After Christmas sales getting going in earnest. While some sales did start on Christmas Day, we will see a lot more get started on Wednesday. I personally would shop online as you still get the best options and deals online versus stores. Some of the Christmas Day After sales to check out include:

Walmart Day After Christmas
Amazon Xmas sales
Target Deals
Sears After Xmas
Best Buy Savings
Macys Online Shopping
Home Depot Online Coupons
Kohls After Christmas deals
Dell Online Sale

As you can see, there are no shortage of deals, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other online stores with sales as well, not just big stores like Walmart and Items to look for include price cuts on electronics, clothing, kitchen items, Christmas decorations, furniture, home decor, books, movies, toys, and video games. Retailers are making a last ditch attempt at unloading as many 2014 products as possible so they can restock their shelves with 2013 items.

Most stores do not have coupons, rather they will show you the discount before you check out. Also, most stores are offering Free Shipping on online orders, another reason not to leave your house. Day After Christmas sales in 2014 are set to run on Wednesday and last all the rest of this week. At that point, you will start to see info about New Years 2013 sales, as well as New Years Day 2014 sales. All in all, lots of great stuff.


Walmart After Xmas Sale Starts Christmas Day

The Walmart After Christmas sale in 2014 is one that I will absolutely be checking out. The sale starts on Christmas Day at, it is an online only sale on Christmas Day. Starting on the Day after Christmas, you will be able to shop in stores, but the best deals will still be available online. There will be free shipping offers, clearance level prices, and way more inventory available online, so why would you even want to bother with driving to one of their stores which will be mobbed. Skip the crowds and shop online!.


Electronics are the biggest category for savings during the Walmart After Christmas sale 2014. You will find major price cuts on hundreds of items rankings from tablets to HDTVs to video game consoles, laptops, cameras, and more. The iPhone and iPad 3 have already had their prices cut and feature the best sale anywhere, include Apple. Also, check out clothing, home decor, Christmas decorations, furniture and much more on sale at Walmart during the After Christmas deals event.

With Christmas finally here it means that After Christmas sales in 2014 are finally set to going, and the only place to buy is online. Head over now to get tons of doorbuster deals and find hundreds of items at clearance prices. This sale will only last for a limited time, so act now to get the best deals before items start to run out.


Walmart After Christmas Day Sale – Huge Deals

With the big day nearly upon us, we prepare for After Christmas Sales from Walmart. You will need to shop online on Christmas Day to get the first round of deals. Then on Wednesday, After Christmas sales will begin. Regardless of when you start shopping, there will be lots of great deals, both online and in stores. I do recommend shopping online as their will be better deals online than in stores. And considering that Walmart offers Free Shipping deals, including Free shipping to your home and free site to store, you will end up saving more money if you simply shop online at


If you are looking for specific items, stay tuned for individual sales. However, if you are simply looking for general categories that will have deals then I have that information. Check out electronics, especially laptops, tablets, phones, and HDTVs are the best deals at the Walmart After Christmas sale in 2012. I have already seen price cuts on the iPad 3 and iPhones at Walmart. Expect more great deals starting on Christmas Day, extending to Wednesday, the Day After Christmas, and then lasting all week long. Most people end up spending around $200 every year on After Christmas sales. Compared to the national average of $800 for Christmas shopping, the $200 for After Christmas sales in 2012 is pretty impressive.

You can find all sales prices and specials at starting on Christmas Day.

Target After Christmas 2013 Sale and Coupon

Just got an email with some of the best news that I have heard from any After Christmas Sales in 2013. Target will be offering an After Christmas coupon in the form of a Free $10 Target gift card when you spend $75 online. You must use Target coupon code XMASGIFT and you can only use the coupon on Christmas Day at Target. While it may seem crazy that this is the best coupon I have seen so far . . . it isnt. The reason we dont see too many After Christmas coupons is because stores offer such insane discounts and usually offer Free Shipping that a coupon is often overkill.

I have also listed out a few other items worth noting at the Target After Christmas sale in 2013. The first section is looking at special offers in the home and sports department. Lots of great value. There will also be special sales pricing from now until After Christmas on electronics at Target. Check out clothing offers as well as there are a lot of items for men, women, and kids at clearance level sales prices. You can start Shopping online at Target on Christmas Day. The Day After Christmas sale starts on Wednesday and continues all week long. Below the first set of deals are the Target Daily deals. Check these out as well, as these are basically the daily doorbuster sales.

Target After Christmas Sale Coupon


Target After Christmas Daily Deals


You can shop the Target After Christmas 2013 sale online at starting on Christmas Day and continuing all week long.

Walmart Day After Christmas Sale in 2013

The Walmart After Christmas sale in 2013 will begin as an online only sale on Christmas Day. Then, you will be able to Shop the Day After Christmas Sale at Walmart. Most sites and stores do not have sales that actually start on Christmas Day. Walmart is one of the few stores that has a robust sale that starts so early. A lot of websites really start pushing their deals hard on the Day After Christmas.


There will be a ton of great deals on electronics, toys, clothing, home items, even Christmas Decorations on sale starting Christmas Day and on Tuesday. The Walmart After Christmas 2013 sale will continue on throughout the week more than likely ending during the weekend before Walmarts New Years sales begin. The reason for all the great deals is that it’s the end of the year and Walmart needs to get rid of a lot of their inventory to make room for 2013 sales items. That’s why you end up seeing such large price cuts on high ticket items, like electronics. Look for the price cut on iPhones and iPad 3s. Also, look for other deals on tablets and laptops, as well as some really good after Christmas 2013 deals on HDTVs.

Walmart’s prices are not only competitive, but in most cases they tend to be lower than any other stores, either online or offline. Unfortunately there are no Walmart After Christmas 2013 coupons anywhere. So don’t bother looking, Walmart does not accept any online coupons. There will be Free Shipping offers though. You can find all the deals online at the Walmart After Christmas Sale.